Small Business Announces ProSell Program for Owners Selling Their Small Business’s ProSell program assists individuals through the process of selling their small to mid-sized businesses.

DUBLIN, Calif., Sept. 10, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — The innovative national platform for buying and selling small businesses,, has announced its ProSell Program for business owners. The program helps individuals sell their businesses through continual consultation, building a professional team of resources, and optimizing business-for-sale postings. created its ProSell Program after understanding that a large number of individuals looking to sell their small businesses need an advisor that can guide them through the process for a flat fee. ProSell Program Facilitators are well-versed in the process of buying and selling businesses, understanding the various steps taken to sell a business quickly. Facilitators continuously check in with clients for updates on the process and give guidance. Clients work with their Facilitator entirely on, which has all the tools necessary for the client to sell their small business.

“Our online Facilitators work closely with ProSell clients (business owners), making sure they start the process well in order to finish it quickly,” says Peter Siegel, MBA, CEO of “Clients become pre-qualified for SBA loans if needed, are connected with professional resources needed for business selling small to mid-sized businesses, and given optimized business-for-sale postings from the beginning of the process.” Facilitators utilize a large directory of professional resources, such as valuation experts and SBA lenders, to create a team that can support the client as they sell their business. For marketing, Facilitators help small business owners create optimized business for sale postings and assist in finding, and or filtering out buyers.’s ProSell Program can help individuals sell their small business as quickly as 3 months, taking the stress out of the process of selling a business.

About BizBenNetwork:

BizBenNetwork is a national business buying/selling online platform, created by 25+ year industry-veteran Peter Siegel, MBA. It allows business brokers, owner/sellers, business buyers, and resources to post and interact through postings, social content, and its proprietary TruMatch technology.

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