'Minecraft ditches Super Duper graphics plan'

Minecraft ditches Super Duper graphics plan

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Minecraft's block-based gameplay has helped its popularity Minecraft will be keeping its block-based look for the foreseeable future as plans to update its graphics are cancelled.In a statement Minecraft developer Mojang said it had...

'AI reads books out loud in authors

AI reads books out loud in authors’ voices

Image copyright Sogou Image caption Yanny, an avatar developed by Sogou, was debuted as the company announced its plan for AI novel-readers Chinese search engine Sogou is creating artificial-intelligence lookalikes to read popular novels in authors' voices. It announced "lifelike"...


US Navy to ditch touch screen ship controls

Image copyright Getty Images/US Navy Image caption The USS Fitzgerald collided with a Filipino-flagged container ship in Tokyo Bay The US Navy is replacing touch screen controls on destroyers, after the displays were implicated in collisions.Unfamiliarity with the touch screens...

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