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How a Small Business Lawyer Houston can Help With Your Business Launch

Services Provided by Small Business Lawyer Houston Texas

What does a Small Business Lawyer Houston Do?

Small business ownership is lucrative; however, it can bring in several legal challenges for a typical ambitious entrepreneur. Getting the right legal opinions allows you to comprehend the legal consequences of business actions as well as make smart business moves while avoiding unnecessary legal issues. Cognizant of that, here is what a small business lawyer Houston does:

Help in business formation and launch

To start a business, you should decide on the type and its structure. The options entail sole proprietorship, corporations, partnership, or nonprofit. The decision will influence your exposure to tax obligations, insurance types, personal liabilities, recurrent expenses, setup fees, and ways to legally acquire funds. A Houston business lawyer can offer the guidance you require to make the right decision since a wrong one can last for years and be incredibly costly to fix.

Draft and review contracts

The chances are that while in business you’ll enter into different contracts. A lawyer can draft and review contracts to ensure that you do not sign those that put you in jeopardy. Being an expert in rooting out problematic clauses, he or she will pinpoint any hidden legal language used. Also, if the other party breaches the contract, the attorney will discuss your options and stop you from doing something that you have no legal right to do.

Protect intellectual property

Before you launch your business, you should take measures to protect business intellectual property. That entails business name, brand name, logo and other business factors that need copyright protection. Also, your business can have other intangible assets including creations and computer software, architectural blueprints, devices, and specific processes that require patent protection. A small business attorney in Houston, TX can assist you to acquire the necessary copyright, trademark, and patent registrations needed to protect your business.

Employment agreements

Although most business originates from a single-person setup, you’ll quickly learn that you need help for the enterprise to thrive. A reasonable business attorney can help in drafting employment agreements including contracts for a definite duration, non-disclosure agreements, and non-compete agreements. Also, States have specific regulations regarding the hiring employees and the use of independent contractors. The lawyer will ensure that you adhere to such laws and help you stay out of trouble with the IRS.

Negotiate to sell and purchase a business

When buying a company, a lawyer will work out with you the more complex transaction aspects. This expert will value the business; write purchase and acquisition agreements, carry-out the due diligence, and handover licenses and permits. Similarly, when selling the business, he or she can assist you to get the most value of the enterprise. By vetting the buyers and carrying out effective negotiations, the attorney will ensure that stock transfers are done properly.

Exit strategies

Similar to how business lawyers can help in the formation of a business, they can assist in developing policies regarding the termination of the business. When one shareholder decides to leave the company, a strategic business termination plan can allow for the enterprise to close or for the remaining partners to repurchase the stakeholder’s share.

How Our Small Business Lawyer, Houston will help you

All small businesses need legal advice to protect its operations and legal interests successfully. Law Offices of J. Peter Larsen is the small business owners’ effectual legal strategy. The seasoned J. Peter Larsen has a comprehensive understanding of the small business settings and legal complications in Houston, TX. With a team of in-house legal experts, he strategizes for both newly formed and established businesses to evade a myriad of stressful and costly business disputes.

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