If you want a guaranteed profit in cryptocurrency, so follow us!

Earning methods:

1. 1% Daily profit

we are offering very easy and simple method of investment, in the case that if you charge any cryptocurrency wallet in your crypto world account, you will get 1% profit every 24 hours from our automatic system and it will directly transfer to your wallet available balance which is not blocked for investment, so you can easily withdraw your fund and earnings any time you want without any limitation.

2. Investment plans

Now there are 3 investment plans available, including 7 days, 30 days or 90 days plans which have a different range of profit.if you invest in one of these plans, your invested amount will be locked during your plan’s period and you will take advantage of your choosing plan. after finishing the period, your fund with your net profit amount will transfer to your available balance of wallet which you can easily withdraw.

3. Referrals earning

you can earn money from your referrals, also it should be considered that your gain is from your referrals net profit. for example, if your referrals made some profit, you will get 4% -7% (depend on investment plan they use, daily profit referral is 4%) as the referral, it will transfer to your account available balance without losing their profit. (referral funds take effect in accounts at weekends)​


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