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More than 70% of Small Business Owners Optimistic About Trump’s Policies, According to Exclusive Survey

WALTHAM, Mass., Feb. 06, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — While much of the mainstream media talks of a slowing economy and market instability, small business owners are overwhelmingly positive about the impact of President Trump’s administration on their business, according to an exclusive survey from Notably, more than 73% of small business owners are optimistic about their business’ trajectories over the course of the next two years, due to Trump administration policies.  And while the recent government shutdown negatively impacted many, more than 62% of respondents said the shutdown had no impact on their small business.  Further details of the survey are outlined in the story published today, “ Survey Reflects Support for Trump Administration Policies.” To learn more about, our active community of small business owners and extensive bench of industry experts, please visit

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The survey of more than 1,700 small business owners found 64% of respondents strongly agree that they believe the Trump administration has their small businesses’ interests at heart.  Most respondents are optimistic enough about the future of their business under Trump to keep growing.  In fact, 52.5% report they plan on expanding their staff in the next year. The survey results also highlight feedback on Trump policy initiatives including tax policy reform, association health plans and trade policy and tariffs. When asked about policy priorities, immigration reform topped the list among respondents, followed closely by healthcare, tax and trade policy.  

When asked about the entrepreneurial experience under the Trump administration so far, one respondent said, “Reduction of regulations has opened new business and is freeing up resources for my company and clients to utilize my services. Continued smaller government will grow more small businesses.”

Doug Llewellyn, CEO, notes, “It is clear not only from our compelling survey results, but among the vibrant conversations within our active small business community, that main street business sentiment is strong.  As Trump policies free up capital for small business expansion, we will continue to see optimism from this influential and thriving sector of our economy.” 

To learn more about the results of this survey, please refer to the story published today, “ Survey Reflects Support for Trump Administration Policies.”

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