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NFEC Celebrates Fifth Anniversary of the Personal Finance Speakers Association

LOS ANGELES, June 27, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — The National Financial Educators Council launched the Personal Finance Speakers Association in 2013.  At launch, this national speakers bureau was dedicated to financial literacy advocates and educators. Since then the NFEC has expanded its speaker base into every state across the US and over 30 countries around the world.

The goal of the Personal Finance Speakers Association was – and remains – to increase access to qualified financial education instructors while minimizing travel and associated costs. With its expansion over the past five years, the NFEC has built a global network of personal finance professionals that can be deployed at the local level. 

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Economic uncertainty, long-term fiscal cliff problems, and tax increases are fueling the financial literacy industry’s growth. There is a powerful need for qualified financial literacy speakers. The NFEC is proactively addressing this need by formalizing a speakers’ association to assist those who feel passionate about teaching and promoting financial literacy.

Through this Association the NFEC books, trains, and promotes financial educators and advocates. The NFEC matches speaker requests with the presenter best suited for the event, and the speaker then chooses whether to accept the event. The contract, client relations, and promotions are handled by the NFEC team.

The NFEC’s Personal Financial Speakers Association provides promotional services to financial educators and advocates based on their ability level. For seasoned professionals, the NFEC helps speakers increase their visibility and speaking opportunities. To join the NFEC’s speakers bureau, register to be a financial education volunteer speaker.  For novice presenters, the NFEC prerequisite is the completion of the Certified Financial Education Instructor program.

Members of the Association receive promotional benefits to help raise awareness about the speakers and the financial literacy movement. Some of the services provided by the NFEC include: speakers webpage; and our Certified Financial Education Instructor graduates also receive resources to help them conduct effective advocacy and presentations of personal finance programs.

The personal finance speakers you book through the NFEC provide quality presentations to any organization with a passion for bringing a personal financial education to their group. All presenters must graduate from the Certified Financial Education Instructor coursework and meet standards that are in alignment with the Framework for Teaching Personal Finance. The CFEI designation demonstrates the speakers meet these standards.

The National Financial Educators Council objective is to measurably improve the financial capabilities of people of all socioeconomic backgrounds and ages worldwide. The NFEC’s Personal Finance Speakers Association will help reach more people with money management lessons from qualified personal finance teachers.  The social enterprise model also provides financial literacy speakers to select organizations.  


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