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Report on Small Business Newsletter: New ‘use-it-or-lose-it’ parental leave poses challenges for businesses

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New ‘use-it-or-lose-it’ parental leave poses challenges for businesses

Three male employees at cannabis company Beleave Inc. welcomed new babies to their families last year, and not one took more than two weeks off. Chief operations officer Bill Panagiotakopoulos took three days. “People felt bad about leaving,” he told The Globe and Mail in January. “The mentality I’d grown up with is it’s really not an option for the dads.” Story

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After working in venture capital, I vowed to build my company without outside investors

I left my dream job at a prominent venture capital (VC) fund over a year ago to pursue my entrepreneurial aspirations. My immediate future wasn’t clear, but there was one thing I was sure about. I was going to bootstrap – launch my company without external financial help. Story

Judge gives Ernst & Young laptop that may hold key to missing $180-million in Quadriga case

When Gerald Cotten died suddenly in December, he may have taken $180-million in cryptocurrency with him. Nobody – not even his widow – knows where the money is. Story

Ottawa is baking a bitter taste into its rules around edibles

In December, the federal government released draft regulations around the production and sale of edible cannabis products and launched a consultation period for industry and the public that ends Feb. 20. Ottawa’s goal is to gather feedback that will guide it in efforts to minimize health and safety risks. Story

Toronto residents, business owners gather to voice noise-level concerns

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Toronto residents packed into a small room at the Centre for Social Innovation Tuesday to explain to city officials their frustrations with construction noise and to offer suggestions on updates to the city’s noise bylaw. Story


Ont. startup developing mechanical and lab-grown kidneys

A startup in Kitchener, Ont. is currently testing mechanical and lab-grown kidney replacements for people who need transplants. “This one replaces the blood purification,” Qidni Labs founder Morteza Ahmadi told CTV Kitchener while showing off a small metallic device. CTV

Increase of Quebec’s minimum wage should be gradual, businesses caution

Thanjai Restaurant owner Kumaresan Muthukrishnan says he can absorb Quebec’s newly announced minimum wage increase, and hopes the province keeps future increases manageable as well. CBC

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Sudbury business owner turns to skilled immigrants to address labour shortage

A Sudbury, Ont., business owner is applauding the federal government’s efforts to help bring skilled immigrants to Canada. CBC


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