Stackfolio provides secure and real-time tracking of cryptocurrency portfolio using encrypted storage to handle the data

Dec 24, 2019 (AmericaNewsHour) — Data encryption to safeguard the sensitive information!

With Stackfolio, users can easily track the performance of their cryptocurrency performance. In addition to that, users can also judge which of their investment is performing better and make a comparison with other crypto holdings. All the user data is fully encrypted, and so no unauthorized person can access the data. Moreover, Stackfolio is a crypto portfolio tracker that presents the data to the users in an intuitive way by showing charts, graphs and tables so that the users can easily see and compare their performance. This intuitive way of presenting the data is very crucial as it provides the user with all the necessary information that they can see and analyze at a glance. The authentication process is also very secure and provides privacy to the users; Stackfolio uses Blockstack to secure the login process. Blockstack infrastructure provides decentralized storage that enables the users to take control of their data and identity. Using Blockstack ensures that no breaches and intrusions occur enhancing the security to the next level. This is the core concept for Stackfolio, providing security to the user data and keeping their storage intrusion-free.

Cryptocurrency is becoming the future, more and more people are investing in it. Seeing this emerging technology, Stackfolio realized to make the portfolio of the investors immune to any kind of breach and to safeguard their data. The users can log in with their Blockstack account, which provides security and work on their portfolio, manage their accounts, visualize their performance and compare it with others. The interface is very sleek and smart and visually displays all kind of information be it graphs, tables, pie charts etc. All the data presented visually is quite appealing and the users can see what’s happening in just a glance. All these features offered by Stackfolio make it a unique and well-reputed place for crypto investors.

Privacy is very important, any loophole can grant access to all the critical information about a user. This can be an alarming situation for people with sensitive data or even organizations that manage records of multiple clients. On top of that, crypto information itself is very sensitive and any breach can lead to a great loss. To tackle this situation Stackfolio uses enhanced security measures so that no intruder can breach into the users’ account and gain unauthorized access. This enhanced security mechanism makes Stackfolio standout from the rest of crypto portfolio companies. Stackfolio realizes how much important and sensitive the user data is and they take keen steps in protecting it and making sure that no breaches occur. Stackfolio offers cryptocurrency portfolio to the users all around the world, users or investors from anywhere can access the services any time. The company has a dynamic interface that changes according to the preference of users. The visitors are able to see graphs and diagrams that are generated dynamically while securing their data and storage.

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