Successful tech expert quits UK over Brexit ‘tribalism’

A tech developer with a successful London e-learning company has said he has already quit Britain after 10 high-flying years because of uncertainty and “mindless tribalism” caused by Brexit.

Jan, an IT specialist from the former Yugoslavia, has set up a new business in Switzerland where he says the approach could not be more welcoming.

He said the drop in the value of sterling “killed” his business. The cost of paying subcontractors in places such as Romania and India has shot up, destroying his margin.

He also felt unwanted after the referendum. So with a heavy heart he and his wife decided they did not “want to be trapped on an island that is descending into mindless tribalism” after 10 successful years there.

His story reflects the struggles of many small- to medium-sized businesses hit by the collapse of the pound after the referendum and its continuing weakness.

Jan, who did not want his real name used, managed to get well paid jobs in the capital and diverted some of his savings into a fund which eventually allowed him to set up his own business developing e-learning apps and games.


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