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This discord chatroom is a place to openly talk and discuss bitcoin and cryptocurrency. Anyone from master level traders to people who don’t own a wallet are welcome. This group is brought to you by Forra, a cryptocurrency ecommerce platform. We wanted to create a cryptocurrency discord where people can talk about bitcoin and crypto openly. A chat room that has moderators to keep things civil, but a place that feels comfortable to say almost anything. These are the few short rules we have in our bitcoin and cryptocurrency discord.

Join the discord here:

The conversations in our cryptocurrency discord will include anything. From trading bitcoin to ways to obtain more crypto, etc. In this cryptocurrency discord the topics of conversation will vary. You are always welcome to start your own conversation and ask the discord group anything pertaining to cryptocurrency. The majority of people in this group are e commerce people. This group serves as a joint effort behind Forra and our customers. Forra has two types of customers, people who sell things online and people who are interested in cryptocurrency.

We expect people who are interested in cryptocurrency to talk about selling their items for crypto, and talk about other cryptocurrency services that are pushing adoption as well. Bitcoin and cryptocurrency are everything to this discord. We are all here for the same thing. To see cryptocurrency become more adopted. The people in this mastermind cryptocurrency discord will benefit from knowing information first and being ahead of the curve.

You should join our bitcoin discord because it is incredibly informative and up to date with people who are interested in the same thing as you. Cryptocurrency is a calling to people for different reasons. Our group serves as a way to connect people with that common interest. Our cryptocurrency discord has plenty of die hard cryptocurrency enthusiasts but also people who are trying to build products for adoption.

We want to have conversations about cryptocurrency in general, not just bitcoin. Bright ideas come in all shapes and sizes. There many ways to handle the same problem. We created Forra to promote cryptocurrency as a whole, not to support one coin over the other.

In this bitcoin and cryptocurrency discord chatroom you will meet people with similar passions. We see this group as a place to foster relationships with anyone involved in cryptocurrency or ecommerce.

Blockchain technology is a common topic of discuss in our discord. We want out users to take advantage of our free chatroom to make meaningful connections, communicate like adults, and thrive in the coming future that blockchain technology, bitcoin, and cryptocurrency bring.

If you break any of these rules you will be banned

  • Do not ask anyone to send you crypto or attempt to scam anyone.
  • Do not share links or ask people to sign up for something.
  • Spam the chat with links or products
  • Pretend to be someone you are not


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