These are the most ‘overhyped’ startup trends according to founders

  • Startup founders and employees are fed up with the hype over cryptocurrency, machine learning, and virtual reality, according to a new survey.
  • Venture capital firm First Round polled over 900 founders and employees of startups for their annual State of Startups report, published this week.
  • The most underhyped startup trend is agriculture tech, according to respondents.
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The world of startups may be running out of patience for heavily-hyped trends like cryptocurrency, virtual reality, and autonomous vehicles, according to a new survey published this week.

To findings were published by First Round, a venture capital firm that compiles an annual “State of Startups” report. The survey polled 950 founders and employees of startups, and asked each respondent to name three overhyped trends.

In addition to ranking the most overhyped technologies, survey respondents were asked which startup trends are the most underhyped. Agriculture tech was named the most underhyped trend, followed by construction and digital health.

The survey also found that startup founders are increasingly worried about the startup “bubble” popping. Over 47% of founders said we’re in a bubble for tech companies, and 32% said it’s close to popping, while just 21% said they don’t think there’s a tech bubble.

Here are the most overhyped tech startup trends, according to 950 startup founders and employees surveyed by First Round.


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